Complimentary Tapping Group Sessions
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Tapping is the modality that took my life to another level. It was the first modality I learned that truly began to release deep-rooted traumas and beliefs. 

Memories that I had buried or thought nothing of, came to the surface to release. I began to get my confidence back, to feel freer, to laugh more, feel more joy and peace. I took chances I never thought I would. I began creating videos and putting myself out in the public eye (I preferred playing small, so this was a huge leap for me).

What can you imagine for yourself? How do you want to live and feel in your life? Do you want to discover your blocks in order to get passed them?

Once you begin the journey of releasing these weights, you begin to see the endless possibilities and actually take action on them. 
  NEXT SESSION: May 10th @ 10:30 am to 11:00 am ET

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